The wellness music by Temple Society is perfect for Meditation, Qi Gong and Tai Chi practice. The Qi Gong songs are played with Erhu, Bawu, Chinese flute and other Asian instruments. With the relaxing music by Temple Society Oi Gong and Tai Chi movements will get easier and will have a better flow to stimulate the live energy Qi.

About Temple Society

On this website we present the albums by Temple Society:
1. Tai Chi – Music For Mind & Body Movement
2. Qi Gong – Music For A Soft Energy Flow
3. Feng Shui – Music For A Balanced Life
4. Tai Chi Meditation – Music For Inner Concentration
5. Qi Gong Meditation – Music For Inner Energy
6. Qi Flow – Music For Qi Gong Healing
7. Qi Gong Harmony – Music For Balancing Yin and Yang

For information about yoga music, please visit the website of GURU ATMAN. Here you can find information about the label COOLMUSIC or Tai Chi & Qi Gong workouts by CANDA.