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Feng Shui Music by Temple Society

Wellness music for Feng Shui.
The relaxing music of Temple Society tells the story of wind (feng) and water (shui). The compositions consort and improve the action of the vital force “Qi”. Chinese instruments like Erhu, the traditional bow instrument, cares for a high achievement of beneficial Qi, which leads to good health, harmony and success of the listener according to the doctrine of Feng Shui.

Temple Society keep the balance of Yin and Yang, their world of sound ranges from the gentle play of the Guzhen, which makes the wind hearable and the accents of Taiko-drums, which remind on heavy water drops. The music sounds also wonderful for western ears and creates a pleasant atmosphere in every ambience.

Temple Society Feng Shui Confucius
Temple Society Feng Shui Confucius