Qi Gong Harmony

Qi Gong Harmony
Music For Balancing Yin and Yang

Qi Gong Harmony
Ru Jing – Entering Tranquility
The Way Of Happiness
Ocean Qi Breathing
Jing, Qi & Shen (Percussion Version)
Feng – Wind (Qi Gong Version), Pt. 3-5
Part 3: Secrets Of A Number
Part 4: Roots Of A Good Fortune
Part 5: The Magic Place Of A Hummingbird


Qi Gong Harmony by Temple Society

Wellness music for Qi Gong and Yin Yang Balance

Qi Gong Harmony is the seventh album by Temple Society. The compositions are directed at the balancing of Yin and Yang and want to harmonize the life energy Qi.

These melodious sound creations stimulate the physical and mental relaxation for moving meditation forms like Qi Gong and Tai Chi. But even without moving this Far Eastern music supports inner calm and true harmony.

With this album Temple Society continue their musical journey of the former album “Qi Flow” to inspire our senses again.