Qi Flow

Qi Flow
Music For Qi Gong Healing

Enso – Zen Circle
Qi Flow
The Convention Of The Shaolin
Feng – Wind (Qi Gong Version), Pt. 1-2
Part 1: Wind In The Eight Corners Of The Earth
Part 2: Magic Places
Secret Phrases (Qi Gong Version)
The Parade Of The Shaolin

Qi Flow by Temple SocietyWellness music for Oi Gong healing.

Temple Society have made their well balanced album” Qi Flow”, full of magical moments. With this marvellous relaxing music Oi Gong and Tai Chi movements will get easier and will have a better flow to stimulate the live energy Qi.

 Mysterious sound creations played with Bawu, a Chinese flute, and mystical rhythms open up an endless enlighted space to the listener. The voice of female guest singer Canda enlarges the music with the power of healing.

“Qi Flow” gives moments of original power and brings an inner temple of bliss to us.